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Pushing Up Daisies

Animation Reel 2012

She’s A Rebel

We Hate Everyone

Life Drawing

Environment Art


Cupcake – Color boards

Panther DLX

Green Porno

Barbie Eat A Sandwich

Without Thunder

She’s A Rebel

Doritos Competition Spec Ad

PinUp Zombie

Older Illustration work


Sometimes interesting stuff happens to me.

She’s A Rebel is finished!!

16th February 2012 by daisymay

I am SO excited to announce that She’s A Rebel is done. Finished. Completed. I can’t be more happy or excited about it. I started working on the idea for this film back in 2005, so it’s a long time coming! Right now I’m in the process of getting it out to film festivals, so send on those positive vibes and stay tuned.

Animation Reel 2012!

16th February 2012 by daisymay

After moving to Los Angeles in early December, I decided I needed to update my reel. Here is a one minute bite of my animated work.

New and Improved: Pushing Up Daisies

12th January 2012 by daisymay

I have moved over to a new place on the internet! Here you’ll find my most recent work as well as updates on  She’s A Rebel. You can still find me on all my other social networks (below), all that has changed is the new face of Pushing Up Daisies. Enjoy, comment and share!